Halo Infinite Level Design Spartan Core 03

In this Spartan Core, I wanted the space to exist predominantly underground within the hexes. I designed the level both above and below ground, and wanted to give the player a sense of foreshadowing by being able to see the Spartan Core from the floor of the Forerunner structure above ground. On the side of the hill, I placed a lock door so players could see that there was a POI within the hexes.

In this space, I needed to draw the player to the edge of the hexes and give them a gorgeous vista (thanks to the Infinite Art Team). I also need to bring the player’s attention back to the entrance of the structure, so working with art and lighting, I devised a plan to draw the player’s eye back to the doorway.

Inside the space, I wanted to create a completely unique atmosphere compared to the open natural world. Adding some platforms for verticality and cover, I created a dimensional space worthy of combat. Using the architectural elements of the Forerunner structure placed by the Art Team was paramount for creating additional coverage and variety within the building.

Above the POI, I designed the level for several areas for combat and engagement to layer the experience for the player. Blocking out and sculpting terrain around the Forerunner structure helps to divide the combat areas around this POI. Creating something so close to the edge of the Ring was a lot of fun and an enriching experience.