Halo Infinite Level Design Spartan Core 04

One thing I loved about working on this Spartan Core was working with a space inside the hexes near the edge of the Zeta Halo Ring. Working in tandem with game designer Matt Stone, I designed the level for multi-tiered combat. Creating spaces for the player to move up and around on the hexes was important for this space. Not only did the hexes provide verticality, but cover as well.

Fighting on the edge of the world was a fantastic concept and one that I feel made for an engaging experience. Finding the right balance between the hexes’ height, location, and number was critical for this area. Many play-tests and multiple iterations gave this Spartan Core a distinct feel.

Moving the player inside the hexes was also a goal I set for the design. I wanted to pull the player from the open world, even if briefly, to explore what it would be like to be inside some of the architecture that created Zeta Halo. I think the various enemies, unique architecture and flow of this space made it successful and a lot of fun to design.