Project Icarus

Daedra Christopher Icarus Project (skip to 11s)

The Icarus Project is an Unreal Engine 4 FPS (First-Person Shooter) level that takes place in a cyberpunk-inspired Hong Kong, one of the last cities with enough resources to send AI on colonial exploratory missions off-world. However, the missions return to find that something has gone terribly wrong. The player is an Icarus Project bot returning from its mission to find their world upside down and all but their main directive lost: the protection of all organics.

The level is a vertical slice showcasing the art and design of this map. The player begins in the Cyberpunk/scifi Hong Kong Station which is infested with the Protectors. Most of the level is quite spacious providing both a single player and co-op player experience. The complete write-up of the project is located on my blog which you can find here: